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From the F&B to Business development!

Nora Filé - Sales & Marketing employee

From F&B to Business Development

About 10 years ago my first day started at Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. I had completed the Hotel School and knew from childhood that I wanted to run my own hotel. F&B supervisor was therefore a good step in the right direction. We have done so many cool things, unpacked with theme expos, set up beautiful events, came up with creative creations for food and drink design, you could express your creative thoughts.

Yet over the years that you get a bit older, the interests also change. And after 4 years at F&B, the idea of ​​my own hotel didn't seem so rosy anymore. But events that seem great to me! At that moment a vacancy became available and of course I applied. I was confident because I knew exactly what I was talking about, on the floor that is. I didn't have much experience in that at the office, but everything can be learned if you want to. Unfortunately I didn't get that job. However, I was offered the job as reservations agent, so I could gain my experience behind the scenes and acted as a backup for my colleague for meetings and events. A new world opened up for me and I got to know the office life, which suited me very well. Still, I missed something and was given the opportunity to grow as a groups reservations agent. Everything from quotes to contact person passed by and after 4 years in the reservations department I came to the conclusion that I couldn't release my creative egg and was missing this.

Marketing, that's what I want to do. Writing texts, creating content, providing visuals, I think I'm completely in the right place there. At that time there was no vacancy available, but there are plenty of other "tasks" that I could take on. That's how I started as a Business Development Coordinator. I helped organize and manage the Expos, I assisted my colleagues in the marketing department with campaigns and I wrote texts for the 150th anniversary magazine of Die Port van Cleve. Have you seen the content of our insta's and facebook pages, most likely that I made those posts.

I am still learning every day in this company and doing work in which I can express myself. Aeon Plaza Hotels has brought me so much but that is only half. The company has given me the opportunity to grab it with both hands and grow into the position I do now, for which I will always be very grateful.


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