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From intern to Managing Director

From intern to general manager, and many positions in between. Maikel has been working at Aeon Plaza Hotels for 22 years. He enjoyed growing up within the company – or, as he puts it so beautifully himself, grew up. Maikel: “22 years ago I started as a finance intern, and as a side job next to my studies I was a doorman. I grew up to become a logistics employee, I was responsible for purchasing supplies, later worked as an administrative employee, grew up to Financial Controller and later Director of Finance. Since January 2016 I am General Manager of Aeon Plaza Hotels. Colleagues often seek their growth elsewhere, that's how it works in the hotel industry. Yet you see a lot of people come back to us. Because, as was the case with me, there is always room to grow. Because I myself have known so many different positions within Aeon Plaza Hotels, I don't think I am a typical leader. I always try to stand between people and keep the distance small. I like to have lunch with various departments, also to tell my story and hopefully inspire employees”.


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