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Zero Energie Hotel

Breeze Amsterdam


The travel industry is leaving a trail of pollution around the world. Time for a change. With Breeze we create a hotel concept in which nature not only serves as inspiration, but is even guiding, without sacrificing luxury and guest experience. In other words, ‘Eco-luxury’: Eco and sustainability in a surprisingly new, yet luxurious way.

Our impact on the earth and nature is enormous. Breeze's philosophy therefore goes beyond creating an energy neutral and circular environment, in which each of the four natural elements play its part. Through technical innovation and our progressive vision on sustainability, we create a new reality that has the potential to lead the market. With Breeze we are setting the new standard for ‘green hospitality’. Comfortable luxury, taking responsibility and circular entrepreneurship go together at Breeze.

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John M. Keynesplein 2, 1066 EP Amsterdam | The Netherlands | Tel: +31(0)20 714 1000

COC 34232181 | VAT NL814848953B01 |

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 Address. John M. Keynesplein 2 | NL - 1066 EP Amsterdam | Tel. +31(0)20 71 41 000 | Email.

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